April 22, 2015

Introduction to financial markets

Entering the financial markets with success require a strong knowledge in business, finance and economic. Several education programs offered on the web are on technical analysis. Despite the fact that technical analysis is the most efficient visual tool on the market, it does not reveal the fundamental reasons behind market behaviors. The educational program from Titanium Research once completed, will be offering coverage on several critical aspects of business cycles, investments and global economic situations.

Many new participants in the market will trade stocks for years and won't trade properly due to their lack of knowledge. My goal is to offer a whole new concept of education for investors and traders.

The most neglicted aspect of investing is risk management. There is a learning curve before market participants start making money trading on the exchanges. This means there is a learning capital cost involved in the first couple of years, this cost can range between 10 to 25 thousand dollars depending on your portfolio size. I intend to offer at a very reasonable price my seminars somewhere in the range of $500 per person for a two-day seminar.

My program will be reviewing how to properly manage your positions with the right brokerage account and investment vehicles.

The essential components to learn for investors and traders are "Understanding market behaviors," "Choosing the right brokers", "Learning technical analysis", "Knowing industries risk", "Performing fundamental analysis" and "Implementing risk management techniques"

Louis Gosselin, CEO, Equity Strategist, Titanium Research


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