My name is Louis Gosselin, I am the CEO, Equity strategist of Titanium Research. I have 7 years of experience trading with multiple strategies on the financial markets. Through studies, research and analysis, I have developed a methodology on "how to analyze securities". There are several key factors to become a successful investor such has "Understanding market behaviors," "Choosing the right broker", "Learning technical analysis", "Knowing industries risk", "Performing fundamental analysis" and "Implementing risk management techniques".

I am currently designing a complete concept of education for investors and traders based on risk management analysis. My long term goal is to be a (CIM) Chartered Investment Manager through the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). I also study behavioral finance and economics.

The most common traditional buy and hold strategy is a simple way for investors to make money. However there is more advanced strategies that will allow you to make money with companies that are having financial issues. Most people fail in the trading industry because they lack knowledge in risk management and behavioral finance.

I will be offering a two-day seminar presentation for investors and traders who are entering the financial markets. My analysis and research will be available on my blog as a mentoring program.

I am attending private english literature classes regularly to reach my clients expectation. Due to time restriction, I will be reviewing grammar and mistakes on my website continually.

I will be offering reviews on Forex, Indexs, ETFs, Stocks, Future contracts, Stock Options, Commodities, CFDs.

I am not a investment advisor nor a stock broker. I am not registered as an investment firm or offer financial advisory services. I am not receiving any compensation for any securities I may write about. I do not consider any compensation for promoting any securities under any consideration. I am not responsible for any data inaccuracies nor responsible for writing false statements that may lead to financial losses.

Please be informed that I am also taking courses to be proficient at web designing to perform my own website updates...

There may be part of this website that are not completed.

Best regards,

Louis Gosselin
CEO, Equity Strategist

Titanium Research

April 22, 2015

My trading education program will be available to any investors and traders from online tutorial.

I will also offer the same education program through a two-day seminar for the resident of Canada. (at the moment).

Below are the 4 themes of my  investing educational program.


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