March 14th, 2014

Please read this important article regarding the Ukraine and Russia conflict. Global news influence market volatility during oversea conflict and we must be aware of it. Since the $VIX volatility indicator has jumped near 10% since february we must use more caution on our investing decision.

February 8th, 2014

I'm currently reviewing the S&P500 Bullish Index from since it is a great bullish indicator of the market.

I'm posting the S&P500 Bullish Index, this index is using Point and Figure charts for every securities listed on the S&P500 Index. Here is a exemple of Point and Figure charting (above). Below is the S&P500 Bullish Index showing a reversal formation from the bearish market, we may still be in a bullish trend.



As you can see the S&P500 Index recovered within 2 days, it remain to see what will occur this week. The symbol $BPSPX from is a good market indicator of the S&P500 Index Bullishness. One of the main benefit of using a different symbol for tracking the market behaviour is to avoid losing focus on the Primary Trend. Once we get a little more indepth on the analysis you will see how we will use Futures Contract Charts to optimize our futur expectation of the market.


I have resolved the issue i was having with blurry charts from

I'm considering to release full scale charts on a different website, however i do like the way this standard size website is still mobile friendly, it make a friendly readable newsletter to take a quick peak from a Iphone, Android or Blackberry device.