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My website is still under-construction, however feel free to navigate through it.

I will write in this section, in order to facilitate members to find the latest update on my website.

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My web programmer is currently working on a creating a subscribing section so that members can register to obtain access to my content.

There will be no charge for visiting my corporate web site and my blog once operational will be accepting donation. Feel free to refer my website to friends.

I am also working on archiving financial market behaviors and backtested strategies for each years.

Thank you for your patience.

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March 16, 2016

Currently offering a online investing mentoring program and a private seminar for investors and traders.

Majority of new investors and traders enter the financial markets with lack of knowledge, discipline and understanding of world's economic situations.

The secrets to financial markets are about behavioral finance and risk management. I will be offering a complete concept of education. My private seminars will be reviewing fundamental code of ethics required to enter the financial markets.

chart will provide fundamental information about the Corporate entity of my services.

My blog will be accepting donation once operational and will be offering a mentoring program, it is currently under-construction.


Website updated : March 16, 2016

Currently restructuring the fundamentals of Titanium Research.

Please feel free to visit my website at anytime and be advice that I will be updating on regular basis the information posted. I am autorized to publish charts from

I will be offering a complete concept of education through my two-day seminars in Canada and through online tutorial for overseas members.

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